Snowflake In Chief

Snowflake in Chief: Scorched Earth 2017, Cheetos, Fire, 108″ x 108″



Snowflake in Chief: Floor Show 2017, Cheetos, 96 x 96″



Snowflake in Chief: Goodbye Chief  2017, Cheetos, Snow, 36 x 36″



Snowflake in Chief: Eat the Chief  2017, Cheetos, Dog, 45 x 45″



In 2017 I began engaging with current American politics with the body of work, “Snowflake in Chief”. The term ‘snowflake’ is sometimes used by right-wing fans to describe anyone who is disagreeing with their beliefs; they use this term in hopes of diminishing efforts of opposition and to describe people as precious and fragile. Meanwhile the current right-wing president rages on Twitter, spews vitriol widely, pitches tantrums incessantly, works to dismantle all positive achievements, and is totally detached from the day to day reality of the average American citizen. With this body of work I am constructing presidential portraits, snowflakes made out of orange Cheetos, and then wishing them away. I use Cheetos, weather, animals, and performance to achieve the results.