Isabel Rucker focuses on drawing, painting, sculpture and is a professional silversmith. She owns Isabel Jewelry & Gallery in Pinedale, Wyoming.

She comes from a family of artists, teachers and philosophers. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Virginia and other locales and has further expanded her perspective through local and world travel. She attended University of Oregon and received a Bachelor’s of Arts, Fine Arts.

In 2015, Isabel installed a public sculpture on the main street of the town of Pinedale, Wyoming. “Quartz, Mica, Feldspar” is a large-scale crystalline grouping that highlights the unexpected architecture of minerals. It is funded through the In:Site/Ex:Site program of the Pinedale Fine Arts Council. Since this work she has been continuing her mineral, gem and light spectrum exploration through drawing, painting and small sculpture.

Other projects have included a 450′ x 12″ graphic novel “Unfurling”, narrative painting & drawing series that create wordless stories, daily metalwork projects in the jewelry studio and running a local art gallery.

Her business is Isabel Jewelry.

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“Unfurling” installed in SOMArts, San Francisco, group show.