In 2017 I was engaging with current American politics with the body of work, “Snowflake in Chief”. With this body of work I constructed presidential portraits, snowflakes made out of orange Cheetos, and then wished them away. The term ‘snowflake’ was often lobbed at liberals by conservatives in a derogatory fashion to imply fragility, hyper-sensitivity, and weakness. Ironically the conservatives’ leader, President Trump, proved to be the utmost definition of a snowflake. In these videos I used Cheetos, weather, animals, and performance to achieve the results of working with his portrait.

Snowflake in Chief: Scorched Earth 2017, Cheetos, Fire, 108″ x 108″

Snowflake in Chief: Floor Show 2017, Cheetos, 96 x 96″

Snowflake in Chief: Goodbye Chief  2017, Cheetos, Snow, 36 x 36″

Snowflake in Chief: Eat the Chief  2017, Cheetos, Dog, 45 x 45″