Drawing and Painting

New work, gouache on Arches paper, 2016-ongoing.

“Cryptolento”, 2015-2016, various sizes & materials including: Watercolor, Acrylic, Water Soluble Pencil, Ink, on Paper.

In “Cryptolento”, I am thinking about the rock cycle and the hidden minerals within. Seemingly static rocks are in extremely slow motion: granite was once molten, is now solid, and is becoming sand. And within there is the microcosmic architectural growth of minerals. These are a direct evolution of my thoughts and studies for my sculpture, “Quartz, Mica, Feldspar”.

“Soul Meditation”, 2012, (11) 12 x 12″ panels, Acrylic Ink, Water Soluble Pencil on Paper.

“Soul Meditation” is a graphic journey into the unknown realms. I like to introspect on spirits and their relation to the universe. By mixing philosophies of many faiths with the natural world, I search for answers through my artwork. Iโ€™ve used a one-point perspective to give the viewer a zooming or tunnel view, as if flying upwards to the ethereal and then returning to Earth. 7 of the 11 panels are featured in this web gallery

“Her Guides”, 2012, Acrylic, Canvas, Wood, Aluminum or Copper.

The “Her Guides” series are acrylic paintings exploring various spiritual guides. “Green Tara” is a female incarnation of the Buddha and a Buddha of enlightenment; “Angel” is an archangel arriving to spread love and guidance; “Fairies” is a swarm of small wild fairies that buzz in nature. I have wrapped each painting with copper or recycled aluminum cans.

“Cloud Spirits”, 2010, Latex on Wood Board.

The “Cloud Spirits” series contemplates the huge skies of Wyoming and the unseen spirits around us on Earth.

“Unfurling”, 2002-2009, 450′ x 12″ graphic novel, Ink on Paper

Please visit the Unfurling page of this site for large photo gallery and artist statement.

“Fact and Fiction”, 1998-2004, Various page count comicbook zines.

Fact and Fiction zine was a brewery for experimentation in drawing, storytelling and commentary. I filled the pages with short comics about a wide array of thought both factual and fictional.